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Over a decade we have spend to devolop more technologies

Far-infrared addative.

MatX Smart Materials introduces a far infrared addative embedded in a masterbatch for polymers, enabling objects made from our material to absorb heat more efficiently and emit beneficial far infrared radiation. This innovative approach enhances physical performance, stimulates plant growth, and improves thermal insulation by retaining heat longer, offering a multifaceted advantage for a wide range of applications.

Biodegradable compound.

Introducing BDGX, a revolutionary biodegradable polymer certified by TUV for home composting. This transformative material offers a sustainable alternative for manufacturing processes such as injection and blow molding, easily breaking down through microorganisms.

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Masterbatches will be supplied in the polymer of your choice.

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Addative manufacturing

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Advancing Bathroom Drainage: The Role of AMBX Anti-Microbial TechnologyIn the quest for superior bathroom drainage solutions, a significant inquiry has been directed at MatX by a prominent international player. The central question revolves around whether the AMBX anti-microbial technology can effectively prevent the formation of biofilm and other microbial growth

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AMBX keyboard covers

Elevating Device Protection: The Impact of AMBX on MacBooks and Medical Keyboards

A Taiwanese entrepreneur has revolutionized device protection by integrating AMBX anti-microbial technology into covers for MacBooks and medical keyboards. This innovative approach not only safeguards the devices but also significantly enhances user protection. AMBX technology contributes to a remarkable reduction of over 99.99% in bacteria and viruses, which were previously

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FirX Technology: Revolutionizing Plant Growth

In the horticultural industry, seeds and cuttings are commonly cultivated on rock wool substrates. This medium has proven to be highly successful, providing an ideal foundation for the healthy initial growth of seeds, young plants, and cuttings. However, despite its success, a percentage of plants still struggle to establish or

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Why choose us.

More than a decade of experience.

We develop smart materials

With our experience in the innovative textiles industry, we developed a desire to venture into the rapidly growing 3D print industry. After several discussions with 3D print users, we concluded that there is still much to achieve in the realm of functional and smart materials.

Research & development

Years of R&D, involving a lot of trial and error, have brought us perseverance and led us to where we are today. With experts from all over the world, we have developed important functional and smart materials.

FIR & anti-microbial

These technologies can bring significant changes to the medical industry, enhancing recovery and performance. They can be combined with deformable polymers that can be modified to ensure optimal comfort.