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Far infrared (FIR)

A unique feature of this smart material is the technology that actually generates interaction between object and human skin. When the object touches the skin, the body heat will convert into infrared radiation. Several scientific and clinical studies have proven the physical benefits of this technology that is incorporated into a polymer or filament.


Our technique ensures a >99.99% effectiveness against bacteria, and that with a natural ingredient. Bacteria that encounter the biocide free material will have hardly any chance of survival and the material will continuously inhibit the growth of microbes.


One of the unique features of the material is that it is biodegradable. Biopolymers are raw materials of the future for all current disposable applications. It is able to get decomposed by the action of micro-organisms such as bacteria or fungi biological, with or without oxygen, while getting assimilated into the natural environment.

Smart Materials

Our material contains several unique properties. We provide the material with one or more of the technologies and polymers in granulate for injection moulding and filaments for 3D printing. 

Semi-Finished products

The MatX material has several smart technologies that can be incorporated into semi-finished products like compounds (granulate), filaments, resins, coatings and more. 

Why choose us?

We develop smart materials

With experience from the innovative textiles industry, we have had the desire to do something within the 3D print industry because of the rapid growth. After several discussions with 3D print users, we concluded that there is still a lot to achieve when it comes to functional and smart materials.

Research & development

Years of R&D with a lot of trial and error, has brought us perseverance and to where we are today. With experts from all over the world we have developed important functional and smart materials.

FIR & anti-microbial

These technologies can bring huge changes in de medical industry for recovery and performance. It is possible to combine these technologies with the deformable polymer that can be modified to ensure optimal comfort.

Why FIR technology?





Matx Brace with Smart materials Fir


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