One of the unique features of the material is that it is biodegradable (*2). Biopolymers are raw materials of the future for all current disposable applications. It is able to get decomposed by the action of micro-organisms such as bacteria or fungi biological, with or without oxygen, while getting assimilated into the natural environment. Most biodegradable and compostable plastics are called bioplastic and they are generally made from plants (such as bamboo or sugarcane) rather than fossil fuels. It depends on the size of the material how long it exactly takes to fully degrade. Films produced with MatX biodegradable material are capable of degrading in nature in a few months. In comparison to PET-material which takes 500 years to break down in nature. The material of MatX has an official food contact declaration.

Think about a fully biodegradable coffee cup. This coffee cup is made with the MatX biodegradable material, which is biodegradable among other things, and degrades in just several weeks under home compostable circumstances. That is an enormous progress compared to a standard coffee cup of which the breakdown process takes 50 years to never… In this way it is possible to sort the coffee cups with the organic waste because it is not harmful to nature. This would make a huge difference because of the immeasurable number of coffee cups that are consumed daily. This is just one example of endless possibilities.

Biodegradable container with a plant

Some applications and benefits

*2: According to TÜV AUSTRIA, MatX is certificated to use the conformity mark ‘OK compost HOME’.

*3: Depending on the thickness of the material, the degrading process may vary.

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