AMBX Antimicrobial Conveyor Belts​.

In the food processing industry, the cleanliness of conveyor belts is paramount to prevent the spread of bacteria that can contaminate food products. Traditional cleaning methods often require frequent shutdowns for thorough scrubbing with chemicals, significantly disrupting production and efficiency. This ongoing challenge calls for a more effective solution.

Enter AMBX, a revolutionary antimicrobial technology designed to make food conveyor belts over 99.99% cleaner than traditional belts. This innovation significantly reduces bacterial transfer, offering a safer and more efficient method for managing hygiene in food processing environments.

AMBX utilizes an anti-adhesion principle that prevents bacteria from clinging to conveyor belt surfaces. Rigorous testing, including ISO 22196 standards, has proven that surfaces treated with AMBX are more than 99.99% hygienic compared to standard conveyor belts. The application of AMBX is straightforward: only 3% of our antimicrobial agent needs to be incorporated during the production process of the conveyor belts.

One of the standout features of AMBX technology is its safety. The antimicrobial agent used does not migrate from the surface it is applied to and contains no biocides, making it 100% safe for use in food production environments. With AMBX, food processors can achieve higher standards of cleanliness while minimizing downtime for cleaning, thereby enhancing overall productivity and operational efficiency.

We invite you to explore the benefits of integrating AMBX technology into your food processing operations. Whether you’re looking to improve hygiene, reduce cleaning times, or ensure the safety of your food products, AMBX provides a reliable and effective solution. For more information, contact us through our contact form, call us directly, or schedule a 20-minute presentation to see how AMBX can benefit your business. Let us help you take the next step towards a cleaner, safer, and more efficient food production environment.


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