Deformable polymers

The unique polymers of MatX ensures that the material is deformable at a relatively low temperature. An object that is produced 2-dimensionally, can be deformed to a 3-dimensionally object with the use of water at a temperature of 65 °C. The object can be deformed more than once. For example, it is possible to design a 2D one size fits all model, which then can be deformed to a unique shape (as done in the example below). Our R&D team can easily modify the properties of this polymer to a malleable material which has similar properties to clay.

Deformable solution

So with the MatX material it is no longer necessary to produce three-dimensionally braces for example, due to the polymer that makes it possible to deform printed objects. A two-dimensional object is sufficient, because the material can be molded around the wrist to the unique shape with the help of water at a temperature of 65°C.

Next to the benefits that this production process is easier and cheaper, it also reduces the chance of sharp edges. The products can be created with different methods, like injection molding, extrusion and even FDM 3D printing. MatX is able to provide the material with the applied technology for all those different methods.
Because the material can also be anti-microbial, the production of medical devices and tools with 3D printers becomes very interesting. Something that is often not possible with regular filaments due to the danger of bacteria that accumulate between the build-up lines during the 3D printing process. Due to the anti-microbial material, bacteria that encounter the object will have hardly any chance of survival.

Another example are soles for shoes. It is possible to print a (unique) sole in 3D. With the use of the deformable polymer of MatX with printing, the sole will be deformable which will give the possibility to correct any error margins. Sharp edges will also be no problem, as these can easily be rubbed away after heating the object. In this way you can create a perfect customised sole for the shoes.

Deformable prototype

Some applications and benefits

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