Effectiveness of AMBX in Preserving Fresh Blood

We conducted a test using fresh blood from a calf, which was placed into two different bags within three hours of collection. One of these bags contained AMBX, our antimicrobial additive. The bags were kept unrefrigerated for an extended period to clearly demonstrate the effect of AMBX. The test results were significant: the blood in the AMBX bag showed less contamination and retained a much fresher appearance, primarily due to its color.

In contrast, the blood in the placebo bag (without AMBX) quickly turned brown and began to clot. Blood typically turns brown when hemoglobin, the protein responsible for oxygen transport, breaks down and oxidizes. This oxidation process is accelerated by bacterial activity, as bacteria consume the blood’s nutrients and produce waste products, leading to discoloration and clotting. The presence of AMBX effectively inhibited bacterial growth, thereby preserving the blood’s freshness and preventing the rapid degradation observed in the placebo sample.


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