Far infrared technology

MatX Smart Materials has developed a biocide-free Far infrared technology that can be processed in polymers and liquids, only using natural ingredients. This technique is applicable to a wide range of polymers for different production techniques and ensures increased blood circulation, faster physical recovery, improved body performance, prevents and reduces signs of aging and more.

This unique technology actually generates interaction between an object and the human skin. When the object touches the skin, the body heat is converted into far infrared radiation. Several scientific and clinical studies have proven the physical benefits of this technology that is incorporated into polymers or liquids. MatX has also done endless material tests to get the most out of the technology. Due to the improved blood circulation, it contributes to a faster recovery, prevents and reduces the signs of aging and improves body performance.

Due to the fact that there is the possibility to mix the FIR technology with other technologies, for example the anti-microbial, the production of medical devices and tools becomes very interesting. Because of the anti-microbial technology, bacteria that will encounter the object will have hardly any chance of survival, think about braces, soles and more. There are several options for using the polymers. The most known methods are injection molding, extrusion and FDM 3D printing. MatX is able to provide the material with the applied technology for all those different methods.

As mentioned, the FIR technology ensures increased blood circulation. In addition, it stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, which can prevent and reduce wrinkles. Collagen is an endogenous protein that is part of the connective tissue in bones, blood vessels and in the skin for example. It gives structure and firmness to your skin. Using the FIR technology, the production of collagen will be stimulated from within the skin, which contributes to the firmness and suppleness of the skin and can therefore prevent and reduce wrinkles.

Without Far infrared technology A test with Far infrared technology

The picture above shows the oxigen pressure level before and after the use of our FIR technology.

Some applications and benefits

A small list of independent tests that have been conducted successfully

How our Far infrared technology works

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