FirX Technology: Revolutionizing Plant Growth

In the horticultural industry, seeds and cuttings are commonly cultivated on rock wool substrates. This medium has proven to be highly successful, providing an ideal foundation for the healthy initial growth of seeds, young plants, and cuttings. However, despite its success, a percentage of plants still struggle to establish or survive on rock wool.

Extensive testing and comparisons have shown that MatX’s FirX technology significantly enhances the success rate of these plants. For instance, repeated tests with nettle cuttings, conducted six times, consistently demonstrated robust root development on FirX substrates, while those on rock wool failed to thrive. This is no coincidence; MatX’s FirX has been proven to be effective in promoting the initial growth, development, and overall health of plants.

Collaborative research with Wageningen UR further substantiates these findings. Studies on the cultivation of vegetables and fruits revealed significant advantages, with plants grown on FirX substrates yielding markedly better results. A notable highlight from these studies is the substantial increase in tomato production—plants grown on FirX produced several tens of percent more tomatoes compared to those on traditional rock wool.

FirX technology is thus emerging as a game-changer in the horticultural industry, offering a proven, effective solution for optimizing plant growth and productivity.


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