Our special Epsilon deals

As a preferred reseller of BCN3D we don’t just want to sell the printer. We aim to provide a worry-free 3D printing experience. With this high-end printer, you can create top-notch prototypes, produce small-scale productions, and even print with multiple materials and colors simultaneously.

BCN3D by Epsilon W27 including Smart Cabinet:

Additionaly you can choose to fully leverage the printer’s capabilities and ensure worry-free printing, we offer two optional packages.  These packages come with various benefits and included services. Packages can be paid annually or monthly*.

*For monthly payments we will charge 15% extra on the yearly price.

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Premium Package

€899 / annually

Worry-free printing
Yearly maintaince
Personal support manager
Digital support
25% discount on filament
Custom print profiles
6x AMBX filament

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MatX preferred reseller BCN3D

Impressions W27 + Smart Cabinet


Functional tray with tools


Industrial-grade materials


High quality design

BCN3D_PRINT_FARM_IDEX_Epsilon_Series_Smart_Cabinet_3D_Printers 1 web

Printing farm

Printer Metal Kit 1 Web

High quality prints

Parts Metal Kit 4 Web

Metal upgrade pack