Plant growth boost with FIRX​.

In the quest for sustainable and efficient agricultural practices, the innovative FIRX technology developed by MatX is breaking new ground. FIRX, short for Far Infrared in polymers, has shown remarkable effects not only on human wellness and insulation solutions but also on plant growth. This pioneering technology has now been adapted to revolutionize agriculture, offering a significant boost to crop productivity and farming efficiencies. FIRX technology enhances the growth rate of plants by optimizing energy absorption, which leads to healthier and more robust crops. This innovative approach addresses the global need for more efficient farming methods, aiming to increase food production while reducing environmental impact. By leveraging FIRX technology, farmers can achieve higher yields with less resource input, contributing to a more sustainable agricultural future.

Unprecedented plant growth in tomato plants

In collaboration with Wageningen University & Research (WUR), MatX has conducted extensive research to validate the benefits of FIRX in agriculture. The findings are compelling, with tomato plants grown in a medium enhanced with FIRX technology producing up to 30% more fruits. This substantial increase in yield underscores the potential of FIRX to redefine agricultural productivity.

Safe and sustainable technology

One of the key advantages of FIRX technology is its integration into polymer carriers, which ensures that the technology does not migrate or leach into the environment. This feature makes FIRX an exceptionally safe and sustainable option for enhancing plant growth. By incorporating Far Infrared technology into polymers, MatX ensures that the benefits are delivered directly and effectively to the plants without any adverse environmental impacts.

Application and implementation

FIRX technology can be seamlessly integrated into existing agricultural and horticultural practices. Its non-migrating, leach-proof properties make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from large-scale agriculture to specialized horticulture sectors such as floriculture. Whether you are looking to enhance the growth of flowers, vegetables, or other plants, FIRX offers a tailored solution to meet your needs.


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