Research & development

Even with the endless possibilities with the technologies and properties of MatX, there are still tons of options that aren’t investigated or tested yet. That is where our R&D comes in.

If you have specific demands or need one or more of our technologies in a desired polymer, we can start a R&D trajectory for you. Mostly, the research can be finished in a couple of weeks, depending on the complexity.

All R&D trajectories start with desk research and will be followed up with a feasibility study. Afterwards we will make a plan and a sketch of the first prototype. This prototype will be made in our lab or at one of our partner production facilities. After the first prototype, the material will be evaluated, and necessary lab tests will be done to test the functionality. From that stage, we will make as many changes to the prototypes as necessary to create the final product.

FIR temperature

FIR temperature test

MatX FIR material can heat up faster and retain the heat longer… This heating test was designated to measure the values of the heat absorption

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