We develop semi-finished products

MatX has several smart technologies that can be incorporated into semi-finished products like compounds (granulate), filaments, resins, coatings and more. In some cases, MatX can provide a masterbatch, but mostly we provide the complete compound or semi-finished product for you. We have the experience to ensure that the material has the full functional properties.


Semi-Finished products 3D Filaments

MatX filaments can be used for printing various applications and tools. For example, printing medical devices such as braces, soles and tools that are worn directly or indirectly on the skin like masks. Depending on the technology that has been incorporated into the filament, it can be anti-microbial, biodegradable, deformable or interactive with the human body with the use of far infrared. Due to the experience of MatX with filaments, we can help you with any R&D process of your desired filament.

The MatX developed AMBX PLA is now available. This material contains the anti-microbial technique that makes it for more than 99.99% effective against bacteria and will continuously inhibit the growth of microbes.


Semi-Finished products from granulate

MatX granulate can be used for injection moulding various applications and tools. We have developed a number of recipes with unique properties, and it is possible to use one or more of the technologies in different polymers. We have succeeded to blend and mix our technologies in many different polymers. We are open to new R&D processes to create your desired granulate. MatX is able to provide a unique custom recipe with the possibility to choose MatX technologies, extra functionalities, different colors and other requirements. Next to experience, MatX has the most advanced machines and a lab. Our motto is: if it doesn’t exist yet, we will make it! Besides the limitations, there are now many additives that can be mixed for the most diverse functionalities in addition to our unique techniques. For example, anti-static, fire-retardant, fast biodegradable etc.