FirX Heat up faster and retain the heat longer

FIR temperature

MatX FIR material can heat up faster and retain the heat longer…

This heating test was designated to measure the values of the heat absorption and heat retention of the MatX FIR material. The intention was to find out if the material is able to heat up faster and hold more heat than standard PLA.

The test was conducted using a 150Watt infrared bulb as the infrared emission source. The samples, two 3D printed cylinders, were placed under the lamp at about 47 cm of the bulb. The temperature inside the samples was measured with the use of a meat thermometer. The samples were placed with a temperature of 23C* and the time that it took to reach 30 degrees was measured for both samples. The same was done to 35 degrees. Then the measurements were done again during the cooling down process from 35 to 30 to 25 degrees.

We can conclude that the MatX FIR material is able to heat up way faster in comparison to the standard PLA, and in addition it is also able to hold the heat for a longer time than standard PLA. The MatX material can reach the same temperature (35 degrees) in only 71.82% of the time that the standard PLA needs to heat up and it can hold the heat longer for 15.84%. So, due to the measured and significant differences, our material shows that it contains better heating functionality as well as the ability to hold the heat.

The official report is availible on request


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