166% longer fresh Tulips with MatX

Tulip vase test

Flowers stay fresh for a longer period of time when using MatX Anti-microbial

This experiment (Tulip vase test) is done to test whether a flower has a longer shelf life in a vase that contains anti-microbial material, than in a vase that does not. This experiment is done with several 3D printed vases with different loadings of anti-microbial and MatX material (AMBX PLA), to observe in which vases the flowers would last the longest. Important was that all the vases were under the same circumstances and conditions during the whole research period. 

We have concluded that the anti-microbial property of the MatX AMBX PLA ensures that the flowers stay fresh longer. All the vases that contained anti-microbial technology have shown that it ensures that the flowers have a longer lifetime period. Other additives also had a certain positive result, however, the technique that is used in that material is harmful to humans and the environment. Meanwhile, MatX material is completely safe for people and nature, which makes this the best option. 

The official report can be found here.



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