166% longer fresh flowers Tulips with MatX

Tulip vase test

Flowers stay fresh for a longer period of time when using MatX Anti-microbial

Prolonging Flower Freshness with MatX Technology

Flowers tend to wilt quickly, primarily due to bacterial growth in vases. A test conducted by MatX with various compositions of AMBX, our antimicrobial, and FirX, our far infrared technology, compared to an untreated vase, clearly shows that flowers stay fresher longer in a vase made with an antimicrobial combined with FirX.

The results were significant. The best-performing vase demonstrated that the tested tulips remained fresh 166% longer than those in the vase without the MatX additive. This combination of AMBX and FirX technology effectively inhibits bacterial growth, which is a major factor in the wilting process.

AMBX works by preventing the proliferation of bacteria, ensuring the water in the vase remains cleaner for a longer period. Meanwhile, FirX technology aids in maintaining the optimal temperature and moisture levels for the flowers, further enhancing their longevity.

This breakthrough shows promise not only for households wanting to keep their floral arrangements vibrant for longer but also for the floral industry, where the freshness of flowers is crucial. By integrating MatX’s advanced technologies into vases, we can significantly extend the life of cut flowers, providing both aesthetic and economic benefits.

The official report can be found here.


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