What is anti-mircobial?

Almost everywhere you look, you can find micro-organisms or microbes, living organisms too small to be seen with the naked eye. While some microbes are good and important to many ecosystems, others can cause serious illnesses. 

Anti-microbials, which are mostly known as biocides, prevent the growth and spread of unwanted microbes. These anti-microbials rely on a class known as disinfectants to kill many viruses that cause diseases, bacteria, fungi and other microbes before they can make people sick. Disinfectants are used in hospitals, homes, workplaces, schools and countless other spaces to help kill germs, treat drinking water, ensure products last longer and also to keep manufacturing processes running safely. As you can see, we are relying on anti-microbials in many aspects of our daily lives. 

The power of the anti-microbial technology of MatX keeps opbjects >99,99% more hygenic than untreated materials. The biggest difference is that MatX does not use biocides to achieve this!
This makes it 100% safe for humans, animals and nature, including for medical purposes. In comparison to other anti-microbial technologies, the unique characteristic of the anti-microbial material of MatX is that it does not contain any harmful or toxic substances, silver, copper or nanomaterials. Especially the absence of silver ions is a distinctive aspect.